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Main provisions

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Use of the website

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Viewing any part or component of this website

Pq self studio reserves the right to change or remove any material on the website, including to review and remove any portion of the information. Pq self studio also has the right to use the website or refuse to allow any user to use any part of the website.

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Any information on the website is provided on an “as is” basis. Therefore, without any warranty, condition or other obligation pq self studio is not is responsible for the use of the information published on the site and the results or damages obtained.

If you are required to register and use a password, you must Maintain your privacy and do not allow third parties to access the site. instead of you.


Failure of the software module (phone, computer, etc.). In the event that access to the website becomes impossible due to a technical failure, pq self studio shall not be liable for the results for other reasons beyond the control of pq self studio.

Limitation of liability

Pq self studio shall not be liable for the resulting consequences, which include direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, incidental, indirect, consequential, non-contractual damages arising from the use of the website using the specified information.

Although pq self studio takes all reasonable steps and uses all necessary mechanisms to ensure that your access to the Services is uninterrupted, uninterrupted and secure, pq self studio makes no warranty in this regard that the Services or Use of individual components thereof will protect against computer viruses.

To protect yourself against such risks, you have the right to take and implement preventive measures.

Individual protective measures. pq self studio shall not be liable for any damage (loss) caused by possible infection of your computer or program part while using the Services.

The availability of content provided on the site may depend on the search engine. on the functions and limitations of the system. Pq self studio is not responsible in cases where some components of the website are not available to you.

When using the pq self studio website (including online chat or other means of communication), Users are prohibited from using illegal/fraudulent, defamatory and hate speech.

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